Is Your Website HIPAA Compliant?

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If you are using Google Analytics, you need to read this…

Google Analytics, a popular tool for website traffic analysis, can potentially violate HIPAA regulations if not configured correctly. HIPAA requires the protection of Protected Health Information (PHI), ensuring it remains confidential and secure.

Google Analytics, by default, collects data that could be used to identify individuals, such as IP addresses and user interactions, which may inadvertently include PHI.

Since Google does not sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for Google Analytics, essential for HIPAA compliance when handling PHI, using the service in its standard form can lead to compliance issues.

Therefore, healthcare providers must exercise caution and potentially seek alternative solutions or rigorously configure Google Analytics to prevent the collection of any identifiable information.

Blue Burst Media has a team of expert data analysts who understand how to properly configure GA4 to be compliant with HIPAA regulations.

The HIPAA Compliance Checklist

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