Digital growth teams are a modern alternative to traditional marketing agencies that provide businesses with an efficient and cost-effective approach to digital marketing. An experienced digital growth team can help your business maximize its online potential and increase visibility, engagement, and leads, making it an ideal choice for any business looking to expand online. With access to specialized skills and expertise, plus more flexibility and cost savings than ever before, a digital growth team is the perfect way to grow your business in today’s digital world.


How do Digital Growth Teams differ from traditional agencies and in-house teams

Digital growth teams differ in many ways to traditional marketing agencies and in-house teams. Firstly, digital growth teams provide a more specialized approach that focuses on delivering long-term results from a sustained focus on user analytics, SEO optimization, content creation, and conversion rate optimization. They are also able to work quickly and efficiently, helping businesses save time and money by getting up and running quickly with no long-term contracts or commitments. Unlike traditional marketing agencies and in-house teams, digital growth teams are nimble and adaptive, allowing them to continually adjust their strategies as the markets evolve.


Comparison of pricing models for traditional agencies and Digital Growth Teams

Traditional marketing agencies tend to charge for their services on an hourly or project basis, which can be costly for businesses as the costs are difficult to predict in advance. Digital growth teams, on the other hand, operate on a retainer-based payment model – meaning businesses pay either a monthly or quarterly fee for access to a dedicated team of experts and specialized resources. This allows you to know exactly how much you’ll be spending each month while also taking away any surprises that may arise from an hourly rate. In addition, digital growth teams are often able to provide more value than traditional agencies due to their smaller size and focus on efficiency. Traditional marketing agencies may charge more due to their larger size which comes with multiple layers of overhead, whereas digital growth teams have the ability to pass savings onto clients by operating at a fraction of the cost.


Small team size and dedicated account manager

Digital growth teams provide a level of personalized attention that traditional agencies and in-house teams often struggle to match. Dedicated teams mean that you can get to know the team members well and build a trusting relationship with them and even have one dedicated account manager who will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your campaigns. They are more likely to understand your needs, goals, and vision. Furthermore, digital growth teams are able to offer one-on-one communication and support which allows clients to receive fast responses and updates on the progress of their campaigns. Ultimately, this level of personalization helps ensure you get the best results possible from your digital marketing effort.


Specialized Marketing Experts

Digital growth teams are top talent that is specialized, which allows them to provide a full range of digital marketing services. From creating social media marketing and driving traffic to optimizing conversions and setting up automated campaigns, these teams have the skills required to help you grow your business online. In addition to offering industry-standard marketing solutions, such as SEO and email campaigns, they are also able to customize their strategies based on industry trends, customer feedback, and market conditions. With this kind of specialized attention, you can rest assured that your campaigns will be tailored specifically for your business’ needs and goals, providing high-quality results.


Streamlined Communication

Streamlined communication is an important part of any digital growth team’s success. Digital growth teams work closely with their clients to ensure that all communications are clear and consistent, so everyone understands the objectives and desired outcomes. With regular updates from the team, each person on the client side can easily follow progress and get feedback regarding any changes or updates to campaigns. This fast-paced environment helps ensure that campaigns remain agile, allowing for quick adjustment when needed. Additionally, streamlined communication allows for greater collaboration between all parties involved as everyone can quickly and easily discuss ideas, strategies, and results in real time. By streamlining communication processes, digital growth teams are able to effectively work together – both internally and externally – to achieve the best possible results for their clients.


How to Hire a Digital Growth Team

Working with a Digital Growth Team at Blue Burst Media is easy and hassle-free. Simply reach out to us through our website or by email and we will schedule a call to discuss your marketing needs. From there, we will put together a custom proposal and timeline for your business. Once you decide to move forward, we will start building out your team and getting to work on your marketing strategy. With our streamlined process, you’ll be up and running with a high-performing marketing team in no time.